and Conference Terms & Condition


NOTE: We will be updating this page as needed with more information. If you have a question about the conference that isn’t answered here – please email us on info@thinkingmatters.org.nz

Why the 13-30 age limit?

We really want to train and encourage young adults who are facing massive challenges to their faith in our hostile culture – and to do so in a loud, youth-friendly environment where they can have fun with their peers & ask questions without feeling intimidated by older members of the audience. We know older adults face the same challenges – but we have our annual Confident Christianity Conference for you!

Any exceptions to the age limit?

Younger than 13 and love to engage the tough ideas of our age?  You’re welcome, but note some mature themes are covered (see the talk titles) so make sure your parents are okay with that.

Older than 30?  Exceptions can be made for a good reason (like you’re a youth pastor, home-schooler or work with youth in some other capacity) – but we ask you to please drop us an email to check.

Can I come only to Friday Night?

You can! It is only $15 to come just for Friday night – subject to venue capacity. Previously we had this as free entry, but we no longer can due to venue restraints and compliance.

Are there group discounts available?

YES! We want to reward you for getting a large group together! So if you buy 15 tickets or more you can get a 33% discount. There are no special steps to redeem this, the cart should automatically update once you buy 15 tickets or more. Check our the bulk ticketing page for more details & email us if you have any questions.

Do I need to bring a ticket or my receipt?

Yes please! The registration process involves you giving us your personal details which we will use to identify you on the day. Simply come to the Welcome Desk on Saturday morning with those details and you’ll get a wristband which gives you access to the Saturday conference.

Is there a special price for students or beneficiaries?

Sorry no – we only have specials for early bird registrations and bulk registrations.  If you are on a particularly tight budget then drop us an email explaining your circumstances as we *sometimes* have a sponsor purchase a few spare tickets for people in need – but please don’t be disappointed if we have none of these left.

Will all the speakers be presenting in all cities?

No – unfortunately, some of our speakers are not able to attend all venues – see the conference page here to see who is speaking in your city.

Will the talks be recorded?

Sorry but our budget doesn’t allow us to record these sessions. You’ll just have to be there!

What food is provided?

Pizza for lunch and yummy snacks for afternoon tea.

Is there a Gluten Free option for lunch?

Sorry, but to keep costs down we aren’t providing full catering – it’s just pizza guys!  If you have special dietary needs you’ll have to bring a packed lunch – sorry about that.

Where are the women speakers?

Yeah – good question! While we are seeing a growing number of women speakers joining the apologetics community in recent years – there are still not enough. So please drop us a line with your female apologetics speaker suggestions so we can mix things up in future years!

I can’t make it anymore, can I get a refund?

In the first instance, we would suggest giving your ticket to someone else – they will just need to use your name to get the ticket from the registration desk on the Friday Night. 

Should you need to cancel a conference or event registration for any reason, a refund can be made less an administration charge of $15, provided notification is received 7 DAYS PRIOR TO the conference start date. After that date, no refunds will be made.

For all other questions – please email us at info@thinkingmatters.org.nz